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urn Discs of Any Kind – from Audio CD to
High-Definition Video

Can your brand new PC burn DVD movies? Most Windows XP machines can’t do that, and only support CD burning at best. Windows Vista adds support for DVD media, but the industry invented two new high-definition formats – Blu-Ray (BD) and HD-DVD, which Vista cannot cope with. So did you spend your money for a brand new high-def disc burner for nothing? Are you a hostage of big greedy media companies that want to charge you hundreds of dollars for the features you thought you already paid for?

That was the unfortunate truth until very recently. But not anymore! Burn just about any disk format in the world with the brand new DVD Blaster!

DVD Blaster software

This new DVD Burner software supports all current optical disc formats from legacy Audio CD to brand-new Blu-Ray and HD-DVD disks. Of course, you can burn a data CD, a single or double-layer DVD video or data disk just as easily!

Blu-Ray or HD-DVD? Both!

You’ve made your choice and took a side in the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD battle, and bought yourself a nice high-definition disc burner. Can you burn a HD video just yet? Not so fast! You need burning software to support the new format. Did you download a high-def burning utility only to find that it does not support your minty Blu-Ray burner? Got a message saying “Your disk burner is not supported, please update the driver”? DVD Blaster works with all CD, DVD and HD burning hardware with no issues.

Mount and Run Disc Images

Did you ever wonder what’s inside that ISO file? ISO files are disk images that contain information about the entire CD or DVD disc. Without DVD Blaster your only choice to see what’s there and use it would be actually burning the image onto a blank media. Not anymore! DVD Blaster conveniently mounts the ISO image and creates a separate drive letter, allowing you to work with the image as if it was a real disk inserted into your CD/DVD drive – yet without actually burning anything! No need to waste blank media, and no more waiting till the burning finishes – just mount an image with DVD Blaster, and you’re ready to roll.

What else you should know

DVD Blaster software is distributed on a Try Before You Buy basis. You candownload and evaluate a program absolutely free. An Evaluation Version is fully functional, but will only work for a Trial Period.

If DVD Blaster program meets all your requirements and you decide to keep it after the trial period, you will need to purchase a registration key. The Trial Version becomes Registered Version when you enter the Registration Key, so there’s no need to download program twice.

Now you are ready to download DVD Blaster to your computer and test the program in your own way. If you have any questions about our software, see thefrequently asked questions list. Also you may contact our support team directly.